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The past weekend has been thrilling, many brands came out with their creative arsenal, but these 5 won the Easter Ads Campaign!

The Top Ten Easter Ads were shortlisted along with others based on the likes and engagement and the positive sentiments expressed in the comments of each post on my Instagram Page. But, the final shortlist was based on the level of creativity displayed in each ad.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

No. 5: Globacom Limited

The telecoms giant’s Easter video was not the best in terms of finishing, it was a bit untidy, but its creativity and simplicity won hearts! A slide-to-unlock button, something everyone with a mobile phone can recognize, is made in the semblance of a tomb, tieing it to the Easter story, and the word, unlimited, in the copy “unlimited life unlocked” tieing it to the brand. It was an instant hit!

No. 4: Interactive Digi


This one needs no explanation. An interactive media agency delivered a simple interactive ad concept based on their line of work that everyone, even those not in the same industry can understand. And the bible texts tieing each scenario to the Easter story were on point.

No. 3: Ziza Digital

Similar to no. 4, a digital marketing company created an ad that drew attention to the Good Friday event in a way that everyone enjoyed but also totally sold their social media marketing and content development skills without looking forced. They demonstrated that they can create content that will sit well with the audience of each of those social media platforms because they have mastered their brand voice. 

My only issue with this and no 4 is that Good Friday is a solemn event, and these two content pieces didn’t match the mood, but they sure created a lot of awareness for it.

No. 2: Peak Milk

Peak Milk’s first Easter ad on the left was a huge hit, though it was deleted and replaced with the creative on the right.

It seems that even though the former concept was creative, the brand probably realized that stripping off its identity from the product wasn’t such a good idea. If the label is gone, that goodness they preach might as well be from any other milk brand. The second ad was also creative, the only sin, albeit a venial one, is that the copy “He nailed it” seems forced.

Their Easter Ad also didn’t not disappoint.

All of Peak Milk’s ads for Good Friday and Easter were very on point. They sold the essence of the events alongside its product qualities, but it was so deliciously done that no one minded!

No 1: The Temple Company

This was just too smooth! Minimalist, clean, creative, and on-brand! The temple company is into film production, amongst other things, so the concepts tie smoothly to what they do. 

My favorite is the second option with the copy “If we were there, our cameras would have been rolling”. I love the play on the word “Rolling”, which means recording, but also the exact meaning of the word when paired with the image – A camera with its lens cover being rolled away just like the cover of Jesus’s tomb was rolled away at the resurrection. Dope!

Which one is your favorite?