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Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. I saw an ad for Durex condom that was so brutal, yet very believable. In fact, the shock value made it even more interesting. I couldn’t believe it but the concept was so good i had to post it on my Instagram.

Note that i never mentioned it was a Durex ad because i wasn’t sure but unfortunately, Durex unjustly suffered a lot of backlash in the comments because the ad was boldly against childbirth. Watch.

Guess what? It wasn’t actually a Durex ad. It was an ad for New Zealand ACC. An evil genius added the end bit and turned it into a Durex ad! Huh! I am so pissed!

Watch the original ad below.


Doesn’t it make more sense this way? It still has the shock value and sends a clear message without angering anyone. But you know what, If the ad had really been for Durex, it would have gone viral, and if the comments on my post are anything to go by, a lot of people would have hated Durex but a lot would have loved them too.

If you are a brand manager for Durex or work in their Agency, would you take the risk to create or approve something similar to the doctored ad above for Durex?

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