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The video below won the heart of our community and came first in the #TheBriefCasebyLivewithLynda video ad contest for Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day Celebration, supported by @aaanofficial.

Congratulations to Bayo Brahms & team for winning the competition with this video tagged The Nigerian Spirit! They did a great job of bringing the subject to life. I’m sure the Kakaki agrees. 😉 The visuals are artistic, the edit smooth, the script is creative and indigenous, the voice-over delivery superb, and the music? Perfect. 

Happy Independence to all Nigerians. What’s your favorite thing about this video.

Film Credits

Filmed & Edited by @BayoBrahms

Words By: @Deelokz_

Voice-Over By: @Ok_Basil

Music By: @Brayne_Zee

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