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ALAT’s new ad takes the viewer on a ride to the future of banking! The futuristic ad was launched to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Nigeria’s first fully digital bank.

Titled Bank of the Future, the TV advert is centered on the bank’s commitment to take banking to a whole new level, leveraging artificial intelligence and technology to integrate itself into the personal life and business of her customers.

The future bank as shown in the TVC is a virtual assistant, a buddy, and a plug, plus with the ability to schedule and make payments in real-time. It is more than a bank, it is a lifestyle. Pretty cool!

The production looks good too. Although the dialogue could be better in my view, i was drawn into it anyways and found myself wondering how it would be to have a single bank app that takes care of everything!

That’s about all you’d ever need in a bank. Or is there something else you’d like your bank to be able to do in the future? Let me know in the comment section below.