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Mcdonalds Saudi Arabia was faced with a difficult challenge during this Ramadan season; the fast-food restaurant needed to let their customers know that their food services are available in the month of Ramadan. Unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia, it was against the law to advertise food during the fasting periods from dawn to sunset.

This was a bit of pickle for the brand. How are they going to activate ads only in the evenings? This is a no brainer on digital platforms but what about outdoor ads? Now, that was the real challenge!

Fortunately, Mcdonald’s and her agency, Leo Burnett, were equal to the task. The solution was found in a virtual hourglass named the Iftar Sand Clock.

This sand clock counts down to Iftar time each day. The lower part was designed in the shape of different Mcdonald’s meals. However, the food is not visible until the grains of sand fall completely to the bottom of the device, and it takes twelve hours to complete this task. This means that Mcdonald’s meals are revealed only in the evenings when Muslims break their fast each day. How cool is that?

Want to see a live demonstration? Watch this!

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