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The beautiful performance by actor Beverly Naya and others by the way, can someone explain to me what removing one’s wig to savour a delicious meal has got to do with Verve card?

Even on the video post on the brand’s page, the caption was struggling to find the connection. It looks like a case of “let’s do the concept first and then find a way to connect it to the brand”. Smh.

The funny thing is, they got a good theme in #TheGoodLife but lost it in the execution. I believe what the ad was trying to communicate is that Verve card makes it easy for people to access #TheGoodLife by making payments stress free.

Wouldn’t it have more sense if Beverly had ordered a variety of dishes at intervals, even before finishing what she’s ordered simply because paying for them is easy with Verve card? She can then go on to remove her wig to enjoy the good life that her card made possible with its ease of payment!

It seems that in a bid to make an interesting ad the Brand/Agency lost track of what’s important, which is communicating a clear message.


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