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Truth be told, many brands sign ambassadors, but do not know how to use them. Well, i always love to state my case as simply as possible using real-life examples, so today’s case study is the Netflix and Zlatan Ibrahimovic collaboration.

Zlatan is a popular footballer, arguably one of the best strikers in the world! He’s tough and can be a bully on the field sometimes. I asked a football fan and he actually described him using the word problematic. Lol.

Now, how can Netflix make use of a problematic and chaotic football star to their advantage? The answer is Zlatanometer!

You see, a lot of Netflix’s users are like Zlatan in a way, they love chaotic action movies! Car crashes, bomb explosions, etc., get their blood pumping. Since Zlantan is known to be tough, Netflix figured they could use him to judge the strength of their movies, especially those that are action-packed! The idea is if the movie can get to Zlatan and he approves, then action movie lovers would know that that movie will be a heart-racing show stopper.

So Netflix introduced the Zlatanometer, a metrics system for measuring the strength of an action movie on a scale of Zero to Zlatan.

Brilliant right? After the introduction, Zlatanometer was immediately put to use. The quality of the action-packed movie, Six Underground featuring Ryan Reynolds was measured on the Zlatanometer, and it was definitely Zlatan!

What a brilliant strategy! You can tell people loved it because Zlatan’s engagement went up on the Six Underground review post.

So there you go! I hope you were able to grab a lesson or two on how to leverage the strength and weaknesses of your brand ambassadors creatively.

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