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A song is to an artiste as an Ad is to a brand

Lynda Aguocha, Live with Lynda

Just like musicians, brands are hoping their ads will blow. 😊

Learn from the successful artistes of this generation, it is no longer easy to blow via the traditional media i.e radio & TV. Also, having a popular song does not guarantee shows & endorsements, the same way having a popular ad or a trending content doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.

What does the magic for artistes these days is the effective use of not just their music but social media to showcase their personality. If people like you, and you got a popular song, oh, the shows will keep pouring in.

It’s the same for brands, people have got to like you. And to like you, they must know you. You must learn to use ads, social media, and all your brand touchpoints to showcase your personality and appeal to your target audience.

Instead of copying content from others and behaving just like everyone else on social media, be unique. Be personable. Let your audience get to know you.