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Paystack is changing the game in online and offline financial payments, but apparently, that is not the only area they are innovating in Nigeria, they are also taking transparency, inclusiveness and customer engagement to an all-new level!

They rented their first billboard and for the first time in Nigeria, (at least the first I’ve seen) they detailed the entire process, providing every minuscule information including cost, design process and outdoor agency partners. Talk about transparency.

While some companies in Nigeria will frown at this bold move, preferring to keep certain info private, Paystack shared it all. And a good move that was! Because their customers or merchants as they call them are primarily businesses who would find such information very useful.

In the very informative blog post, the brand revealed that it spent a total of ₦5,039,750 (~$13,900) for 2 billboards for 3 months. One billboard was located at Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, and the other on top of the Ikeja Plaza building, Lagos.

Interestingly, they took the A/B testing popular on digital to outdoor. By placing different web landing pages on the 2 billboards, they were able to track the traffic from both areas. It turns out that the Ikeja billboard recorded 6x more website traffic than the Island billboard.

The brand also shared a detailed step by step process of how the billboards were located and mounted, what informed their design process, APCON vetting, and much more relevant information. Click here to read more.


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