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In a crowded Nigerian market where a lot of people hawk bottled and sachet water, a young man was spotted doing the same business differently from the others.  Others sell water, he sells corporate water.

This young man branded water business “Corporate water” and embodies the brand, not only via the name and logo branded on the bucket but through his dressing, use of I.D card and I’m guessing, his tone of voice and the language with which he interacts with his customers as well.

His branding does not only make him unique in the market place but helps him maintain top of mind. I’m pretty sure in the places he frequents people would easily recognize him, look out for him and even wait for him to come. Where is the guy that sells water on a suit? They would say. Where is Corporate Water?

Just by branding his business, he is outsmarting competitors, creating awareness, getting good PR, winning new customers and gaining their loyalty. And the amazing part is, he is getting all these done with zero budget.

Getting a suit and wearing it under rain or sun might seem like an unnecessary and stupid expense for the regular water seller in the market trying to make ends meet, but see what another did with it.

It’s possible, this guy branded without knowing he was branding. He probably did it in the hopes of getting a job like the lady tweeted or not, but I’m glad he’s made himself a perfect example of the importance and benefits of branding.

Branding is not for “big brands” only. Every business needs branding.


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