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Here’s an interesting piece for every copywriter and in fact every creative, straight from the pen of Oyin Oludipe, an excellent copywriter who received the Christopher Okigbo Prize for Poetry in 2016. He’s currently working at Advertising Agency, BBDO based in Lagos, Nigeria and has gained experience creating compelling commercial content for brands like Google, Guinness, Visa, SC Johnson, Mobil, Palton Morgan, Premier Cool, and others.

Believe me, when i say you should listen to him, these tips will keep you grounded and help you excel as a copywriter. Enjoy!

  1. Swallow your pride. 
  2. Swallow a dictionary. 
  3. Grow a crocodile skin. Rowling’s work was rejected 12 times. Dr. Seuss’, 27 times. King’s, 30 times. Yours will be rejected 500 times. Every day. 
  4. Brush your tongue every morning and night with silver. 
  5. Embrace migraine. 
  6. Reject self-doubt. 
  7. Lose all sense of time. Ideas show up like a thief in the night. They never thank God it’s Friday. 
  8. Find all sense of time. Deadlines don’t give a f**k about ideas. (Advertising will pardon your French, not your sloppiness.)
  9. Know something, sorry, everything about everything. 
  10. Know what box to think outside of.
  11. Be bipolar. Or tripolar. Or multipolar. The more the “poles”, the more electrifying your stories.
  12. Have an eye for architecture. To sell ads, you’ll build rationales like Babylonians built monuments. 
  13. Be complex. Strategy demands it. 
  14. Be simple. Craft demands it. 
  15. Be mad. The job demands it. 

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