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2021 was such an interesting year for ad lovers like me! I didn’t expect to see so many commercials since the world is still recovering from the pandemic, but Naija brands wasted no time, and I am all for it. 

There were so many good ads this year, (I have to admit,  I noticed a great deal of improvement in our commercials), but only 5 made it to this list of Top 5 Most Creative Ads from Nigeria. For more details on why these five ads made it to the list, keep reading after watching the video below.

Number 5:  “We move” by MTN

This has got to be one of the most relatable ads to come of Nigeria in 2021. First of all, the title is from the streets. “We Move’ was a trending slang amongst the youths at the time the ad was released, and MTN capitalized on it to share a touching story, one similar to what the majority of the youths in Nigeria are currently facing. Plus, it made use of music, another passion point of the youth. No wonder it was an instant hit. 

There were other similar ads in terms of concept and story released before and after We Move launched, but MTN’s ad had more impact. Not only is the ad more popular, but the melodious song also made it more memorable.

Number 4: Turu Ugo Lota by Life Lager

Barely three months ago, Life Lager launched a strategic ad specifically targetting the east, titled Turu Ugo Lota, and it made the number 4 spot on this list.

The reason is not far-fetched. The use of the celebrity father and son duo of Pete Edochie and his son Yul, the unique father and son type narration, the content of the narration ladened with deep-rooted messages, and the quality of production catapulted this ad far above any other in its category.

And most importantly, judging by the level of engagement and nature of comments on the ad, it is safe to say that the easterners whom it targeted, felt a deep connection with the ad.

Number 3: Mastery by Octa FX

The Octa FX ad is on the number 3 spot of the list simply because of its outstanding production quality. A lot of ads came out of Naija this year with similar transition effects, but unlike most who used it mainly for the razzmatazz, the Octa FX ad used it meaningfully.

Plus, it sent a clear message about mastering forex trading and presented it in an exciting and relatable manner. 

Number 2: Fire On by Supakomando

The ad which features  Big Brother Naija 2020 star, Erica and Radio Presenter and Hype man, Dotun, sits pretty at number 2 position because of its unique concept.

Since the Etisalat/Genevieve Nnaji collabo, we haven’t seen any other female action hero advert, neither have we seen this type of ad direction ever, so this was a breath of fresh air. The ad surprised many who didn’t expect to see the actress Erica, fresh off BBNaija at the time, pulling off such a stunt, and it led to the ad going viral when it launched in March 2021, especially amongst her huge fans.

During that period, the brand enjoyed immense publicity on social media and coupled with its strong parent brand, strategic distribution, robust media spend, and various brand activations, the new brand soon became a household name.

Number 1: That Feeling by Bet King

And on the number one spot is a totally unexpected yet simple ad by Bet King titled That Feeling. The ad which featured former Nigerian Super Eagles Star, Jay Jay Okocha is by far the most creative of the lot! 

Rather than simply telling people to bet to win on their platform, the ad sold a feeling instead. It depicts a happy feeling as Bet King, which means that one is always happy when on the platform. Doesn’t that mean that one would always win? Yes, the ad says that without actually saying it.

Also, the ad concept, the music, and Okocha’s funny dancing made this ad one of the most fun and memorable!