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The sight of half-naked men on the streets of Lagos sometime in March 2019, caused such a stir in the city. Spotted at different locations wearing nothing but boxers and socks, these half-naked men held a placard that read “Avoid the Shame of See Finish”.

Twitter Nigeria buzzed with this mystery for about three days before it was revealed as teaser campaign activation for the #SeeFinish Campaign by Leadway Assurance as days later, the men appeared again, this time fully clothed, with another placard that says “No more SeeFinish. I’ve been covered by LeadWay Assurance.”

Immediately, a full-blown 360 Integrated Marketing Campaign spanning both traditional and digital platforms begun. It ended up being an interesting campaign that generated a lot of organic impressions for the brand on social media, but I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired it, and how effective it was. To find out, I had a live Instagram chat with the Head of Corporate Communications at Leadway Assurance, Ms. Olubunmi Adeleye.

There was no doubt that the company was happy with the outcome of the campaign as MS. Olubunmi gushed with excitement as she recounts the campaign execution, the impact on their business, and how the agencies involved handled the complexities involved in a 360 campaign.
She also touched on the reasons most Nigerian’s don’t invest in Insurance, the company’s highest Insurance payout, and lot’s more.

Watch the full interview below.


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