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Have you ever wondered how those yummy food ads that make you hungry are made? It’s robots to the rescue! But don’t be scared for your jobs yet, even with the robots, humans are still needed, not just to operate them but to apply creativity. That, my friends, can never go out of style.

In the video below produced by Business Insider, you’d learn how creatives work with robots to create the perfect shot for big brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, and more.

If you didn’t know that food styling was a thing, now you do. A chef is not a food stylist; they are two different jobs people! A food stylist must be a chef, but not every chef qualifies as a food stylist.

Finally, the most interesting thing in that video is the price of getting a great food commercial done. A day shoot $50,000 (N19.4M) to $100,000 (N38.8M)! It’s a lot of money, but that’s how much value brands place on a good product ad. But of course, the benefits derived from it are far more valuable.

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