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An ad that is also a good picture spot? Oh you know I’d visit there. And i did! Lol.

Wema Bank beautified the Murtala Mohammed Domestic Airport with a colourful Mural for its digital platform, ALAT, and i am so here for it!

The Mural is painted at the departure area, on the walls of the long passageway that leads to the airport apron. So, unfortunately, you can’t access it unless you are traveling, but you can’t miss it. Its vibrant colours will capture your attention from afar.

Not only is it attractive and fun, but it is also quite an innovative way to advertise; far better than the usual boring ads. With the brand colours and logo creatively infused in the art, imagine the visibility ALAT would get if people took pictures and shared it on social media.

Also, this sort of subtle advertising says a lot about the brand’s personality. For example, this makes ALAT look young, fun and just like the typical Lagosian who is proud of their state. I hope the brand can replicate this idea in every state; it’s a good way to attract people, especially the youth, jostle back memories of their stay and give them a piece of the city to take with them as they travel out.

And most importantly, it is a great way to generate brand visibility organically while also creating a beautiful ambience. I wish other brands would take a cue from this, imagine how beautiful and fun cities
would be!


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