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Budweiser Nigeria unveiled two new brand ambassadors, Star artiste Mayorkun and Mike, first runner up of the last Big Brother Nigeria show with these cool videos.

I like the copy – A king is born. It means Budweiser crowned the celebs with the endorsements. They became kings when they joined the brand just as consumers are made to believe that drinking Budweiser makes them kings.

In a totally unrelated post (or is it?), Pepsi Nigeria posted it’s brand ambassador Burna boy with a copy that is so on-point! And relevant too, because it is Grammy season.

However, I kept thinking about how crazy it would have been if Star Nigeria had conceived and posted the Pepsi copy with BurnaBoy right after Budweiser unveiled their ambassador, Mayorkun who by the way do not have Grammy nomination. Lol.

No offense but that would have been epic! Someone give Star a nudge!



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