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Quickteller almost nailed it! *Sigh*

The ad concept is brilliant; it’s an ad about making an ad, and although we’ve seen that before (Basketmouth also made it popular with his campaign series last year), this one had a great twist to it. The aim was to demonstrate how Quickteller Nigeria makes payments easy.

However, the ad failed to deliver on some aspects. For starters, what characters are the actors playing? They seem to be having a brainstorming session for an ad campaign for Quickteller but are neither playing the role of ad men nor the company staff because they kept referring to themselves as they are in real life (celebrities/brand ambassadors) with words like “you see me doing this and that…”

Is it that two comedians and an actor met to brainstorm on creating a big commercial for a brand like Quickteller? That’s very unlikely, especially since it’s not a skit but a brand campaign they were brainstorming on. They dropped the ball there.

It probably would have worked if the ad was a comedy, which I thought they were trying to achieve by featuring two very popular comedians, but they failed there too because although the ad is engaging, it is not funny.

Lastly, the message of the ad may be misunderstood by some. Already, I saw a comment that asked if Quickteller was going to pay for all those stuff they were buying? The message that the platform just makes payment easy wasn’t so easy to grab and that’s not good too.

To conclude, if you review the components of the ad individually, the ad did well, but as a whole… it is not convincing. It felt rushed; like they were trying not to exceed 60secs and a lot of details that could’ve made the ad more relatable were missed.